Many eyes of Addiction

I am a nurse working in addiction for past 25 years, the mother of a deceased addict, and have the journals, poems and some artwork of my son to share. Will also have some guest. Will announce later.

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I am a nurse of 40+ years 25 working in addictions. I am hoping to help family members to understand addictions and patients to find help they need as well as resources. I am also the mother of a deceased addict. I have my sons journals and some poetry he wrote as well as some artwork he did all of them done while under the influence as well as during a time he was "clean". He was hoping to have his stuff published before he passed away so this is my way of fulfilling his wish as well as getting his message out and hopefully helping anyone in need. About Diane Wood

I am a nurse of 40 + years 25 working in addictions

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